At Koojan Hills, we strive to breed easy-care cattle that grow quickly and meet market specifications. We believe that breeding for structural soundness, an acceptable type and a quiet temperament is the basis on which any successful breeding policy should be based.

Our breeding strategy involves targeting sires that have the capacity to breed superior daughters and sons capable of accessing premium markets. We place high importance on breeding efficient cattle and desire animals that can negotiate difficult seasons whilst also being able to excel during the good seasons.

Calving ease is an area of emphasis within the Koojan Hills breeding strategy. From a commercial point of view we understand the obvious negative impact on the profitability of a herd through increased calf and heifer mortality, slower re-breeding performance and considerable additional labour and veterinary expense. Furthermore, the lighter country that we have in Manypeaks means we are required to be particularly conscious of feet within our herd. We pride ourselves on breeding bulls that are sound in this area and can perform long term.

In addition, we have embraced the incorporation of science into our program through the use of Breedplan technology. Breedplan helps us to quantify the important economic traits such as birthweight, growth, milk, carcase and fertility, which are all important determinants of profitability. We feel that all breeding decisions should be made through a balance of EBV selection criteria as well as careful phenotype examination.