Koojan Hills Included In Cohort 8 Angus Sire Benchmarking Program

We are very excited to have been included in the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program 2017 joining program (Cohort 8).

We are pleased to announce Koojan Hills Gatsby L43 was selected for the Cohort 8 program - a project which helps demonstrate the value of performance recording, genetic evaluation and selection using Angus BREEDPLAN estimated Breeding Values and Selection Indexes.

From the 68 bulls nominated, L43 was one of the 42 bulls selected for entry in this years joining program. This program includes approximately 2,500 Angus cows, across 7 co-operator herds that are joined via the Vetoquinol Fixed Time AI products and protocols. 

L43 has now been joined to 71 females and we are very excited to see how his progeny perform against some of the best young Angus sires in Australia.

We rated L43 as the pick of all the L series bulls at Koojan Hills and used him in 2017 over nearly 90 mature age cows; backing up the 2017 AI program. He has great natural thickness and hindquarter development while retaining softness and natural doing ability. We believe he has the potential to develop into an extremely good all round bull with the ability to produce high quality sons and daughters.

View his BREEDPLAN information here.

Semen from Koojan Hills Gatsby L43 is for sale

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Koojan Hills Gatsby L43 at 30 Mo

Koojan Hills Gatsby L43 at 30 Mo

Chris Metcalfe