First Round AI Program Complete

After a wet week and and even wetter set of yards we were very pleased to get to the end of the first part of our 2017 Artificial Insemination program. During this time we inseminated 180 cows which included a combination of 'M' heifers, 'L' first calvers and a group of early calving mature cows.

During this period we were fortunate to have just over 3 inches of rain fall on our most southern Manypeaks property; home to our 'M' heifers and the first calvers. Not surprisingly the gumboots got their first proper run for the year!

This year we AI'd 85 of our 'M' heifers. The majority of these were AI'd to Deer Valley Patriot and Wattletop Franklin G188; similar to our 2016 heifer program. These low birthweight sires were also used on some of the first calvers aswell as Ardrossan Honour H255, Granite Ridge Kaiser K26, JMB Traction and Quaker Hill Dead Center.

We would like to thank Steve Mountford from Landmark Breeding for his assistance during this time.

The rest of the Koojan Hills herd will be AI'd at the end of July.

Even Russell needed his gumboots!

Even Russell needed his gumboots!

Chris Metcalfe