2018 Koojan Hills Angus Bull Sale

The 2018 Koojan Hills Angus bull sale will be held on Monday 19th February with the sale beginning 1pm WST.

This year the Metcalfe family will be offering 72 Koojan Hills Angus bulls at their on-property sale complex. They have made a small increase in the number of bulls offered in 2018 to assist potential buyers fulfil their bull requirements within a more comfortable price range.

All who see the Koojan Hills herd comment on the extraordinary temperament of the cattle and this year a docility figure has been included in the catalogue to assist buyers in this area. Bulls like Lot 40 Koojan Hills M159 boast docility figures of +26 which matches their beautiful, quiet nature.

This years sale team are showing the benefit of the excellent pasture year experienced in 2017. This has allowed the bulls to be run without any supplementary feed until just recently when sale preparation began.

Koojan Hills are particularly proud of the fact the bulls will have had no grain or pellet supplements and so will be entirely grass-fed. There is no doubt this more natural lifestyle assists in many areas including semen quality and longevity.

  • 100% grass fed

  • All bulls have passed semen testing

  • All bulls are BVD negative

  • All bulls have completed the Zoetis STAR BREEDER Program

  • Free of all genetic conditions

  • Koojan Hills is a J-BAS 8 herd

  • Personal delivery free of charge within 1000km of Manypeaks

There are no credits operating at Koojan Hills bull sales.

The Metcalfe family are particularly pleased with the shape and style of this years Koojan Hills bulls. 600 day weights are around 100kg heavier than last years bulls and EMA is also significantly improved.

60 of this year bulls have an above average Angus Breeding Index and 29 bulls have below average birthweight. We feel that there is a good selection of bulls suitable for heifers including five that have already been joined as yearlings. The bulls then range up to some impact, herd improving bulls.

The Koojan Hills cattle continue to impress the Metcalfe family with their extraordinary calving ease – a credit to previous owner Lew Smit. Furthermore, the feet of the cattle remain a highlight and have continued to excel, even in the softer country in Manypeaks.

The principal AI sires represented in this years sale line-up are Thomas Up River, VAR Reserve and Sydgen Black Pearl. These bulls have been heavily represented in many sale catalogues around the country.

Thomas Up River progeny have had some extraordinary interest at sales in Eastern Australia and Koojan Hills believe they have some sons by him who would compare favourably. Lot 33 Koojan Hills Up River M138 and Lot 36 Koojan Hills Up River M145 are two stand outs who have exceptional EBV’s to match their sound phenotype.    

VAR Reserve sons make up the biggest sire line of bulls at this years sale with 15 on offer. The Reserve bulls are a very good draft of well shaped lower birthweight carcase improvers. 2 outstanding Reserve sons were used in Koojan Hills own heifer mating program in 2017 and they have continued to grow and impress. These bulls are found at the beginning of the catalogue, Lot 1 Koojan Hills Reserve M4 and Lot 5 Koojan Hills Reserve M92.

There is a very impressive line of bulls by Koojan Hills Reality K49, all of whom are out of two year old heifers. Two of the stand outs are Lot 17 Koojan Hills M43 and Lot 18 Koojan Hills M46, both of which have attracted considerable interest.

The exciting thing about the Koojan Hills 2018 offering is the younger bulls later in the catalogue by the back-up sires. The 12 Sons of Blackrock Emperor J43 have caught the attention of all who have inspected the bulls and they are giving the AI bulls a run for their money. Sons of Karoo Docklands H182 and Koojan Hills Genesis H148 are also very appealing.  

The Koojan Hills Angus bull sale will be held in conjunction with the Melaleuca Murray Grey bull sale.

An on-property field day will be held on Friday 9th February 2018. Bulls will be penned for viewing from 1-5pm.

Koojan Hills bulls are 100% grass fed!

Koojan Hills bulls are 100% grass fed!

Chris Metcalfe