Calving done and dusted

Our 2018 calving program has finally finished and we couldn't be happier to pack the calving gear away!

This year we began calving on the 5th January with a group of ET calves and finished on the 27th July. The bulk of our Koojan Hills herd calved a few months later than our commercial herd which has been a huge bonus for them given we have had one of our worst seasons in memory. Consequently, we are quite happy with the condition of the cows going into mating.

Here are a few of the calving stats;

  • 220 bulls/193 heifers
  • 8 sets of twins
  • 145 AI calves
  • 34 ET calves
  • Average weight of heifer calves was 32.27kg
  • Average weight of the rest of the calves was 35.92kg

    Below are some of the sires of our 2018 drop calves. We are very excited to watch how the calves progress!
Chris Metcalfe